The hottest girls in Croydon

The hottest girls in Croydon

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I check out the girls in the office, and none of them will do. Most of them are really drab and boring. They might be exciting outside work but I seriously doubt that. I have taken a few of them out but none of them want to come home with me after the first date. Most of the girls are a but ungrateful and you would have thought they would do more after you have paid for dinner, but that is snot the case. If, I had my time again, I would perhaps have arranged my life a bit differently and started my own Croydon escorts agency.

New Sexual Relationships – Scary or Exciting?

New Sexual Relationships – Scary or Exciting?

So you have met the man of your dreams and you are ready to embark upon a wonderful, loving, sexual relationship with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
Sounds like all your problems are over, right? Unfortunately not.

Recent research has revealed over 43 per cent of women have sexual hang ups which could cost them a relationship with the person they could get happily married to.

If it’s not the size of your body, sexual inexperience, pleasing the man of your dreams or being inhibited in the bedroom, you are not alone in your fears about living up to what is expected between the sheets.

While many women think they may be alone in their fears about problems in the bedroom, one in two women feel exactly the same.

There is no easy way to pinpoint why women suffer sexual issues with new or long term partners. It can affect anyone at any time of life or at any stage of a relationship. But what is needed is an understanding, patience and a realization there is help at hand.

So how do you get over the problems?

Well, firstly you should realise if you are in a new relationship you are not the only person who will be nervous in the bedroom with a new partner. Recent research has shown men are actually more likely to be more nervous about encountering a new sexual relationship than a woman as they feel the bigger pressure “to perform”.

And unless you have met a lothario or someone who simply does not care who he sleeps with, the man will be there for one reason – and that is you. So do not have an inferior complex about anything or try to compete with his previous partners. Try to relax and enjoy the moment.

But of course there are physical issues at stake. From pain during intercourse due to vaginal dryness to difficulty achieving an orgasm, there is a lot to learn about the most common sex issues for women. The best thing is to talk with your doctor or sexual councellor. Of course, at the start of a relationship, everything can be fine when you get over the initial fears. But the longer you stay in a relationship, the harder it can actually become.

Physical, medical and emotional issues can also dampen your sexual desire as well as a feeling of going through the motions “yet again”. Depression, anxiety, stress, money issues and children if they have come into the picture, can also throw a wrench in your sexual desire. Most commonly, fatigue, medications and attitudes towards sex have the most influence when it comes to your interest in making whoopee. Yet a lack of libido can be easily be cured and a chat with your local doctor can go a long way to sorting out the issue.

The physical side, however, if lasts more than a few weeks can lead to tension in the bedroom and in the relationship. Your partner may feel you no longer desire him or, worse still, have feelings you are finding happiness in the bedroom elsewhere. So how do you bring back the fizz into the bedroom? Obviously there are sexual toys and role playing you can enlist for assistance. Experts say the simple way to restart your love life is to take it a step at a time. Start by just holding hands in bed, cuddling or sharing an intimate kiss. These are sure fire ways of relighting the fire again.

Experts say that a lack of interest in making love – even with partners we adore in many other ways – is not as unusual as we might think. “A disappearing sex drive is a common problem – sometimes in women as young as her 30’s — and while it hasn’t reached epidemic proportions yet, I think we’re only seeing a small portion of the women who are affected,” says Rebecca Amaru, MD, a gynecologist at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. And there could also be physical causes which lay away from the bedroom such as diabetes, heart disease, menopause, kidney or liver failure both in men and women. The biggest thing to remember you are not alone in any fears or anxieties. Go and talk to your friends or medical professionals. And love to you all.

Playboy or Gentleman?

Playboy or Gentleman?

Kendra Wilkinson, one of the Girls Next Door that lived with Hugh Hefner in the Playboy Mansion from 2005 to 2009 reveals that she “didn’t realize that sex was involved” when she moved into the mansion. In an interview with Melanie Sykes, a British TV personality, the reality star revealed “I just wanted to party, and I had a damn good time, it was so fun,” she tells castmate Sykes. “Hef asked me to be one of his girlfriends and live in the mansion. I’m like ‘I don’t even know what that means,’ but ‘Hell yeah, I’m there!’ I was living in this small-ass apartment, with this ugly ass b*tch. I was praying for anything to get me out of there.” Kendra was previously employed as an escort in London, but quit the job when she decided to move to the States for a more party-girl experience.

Sykes was curious to know whether Wilkinson was “obligated to have sex” with Hefner, who was 78 when the “Kendra On Top” star moved in. “Um, I moved in and weeks went by and I didn’t know that sex was involved,” says Wilkinson. “I knew nothing about Playboy. I’d just graduated high school.” Sykes then asks, “So, how does that conversation come about?” The mother of two explains, “He was like, ‘Do you want to come upstairs?’ And I was [like] ‘Sure, let’s have fun.’”

The Nitty Gritty

The Nitty Gritty

I am going to answer a question from one of our readers today that is no laughing matter. I am sure it is something a lot of couples have been through and though it seems so simple and common, it is very frustrating and disheartening. Hopefully the advice I give will help this young lady and all of you because although it may be the punchline of people’s jokes sometimes, it is a very serious issue. Julie is from Chicago, IL and she writes in about a very common yet serious issue between her and her husband in the bedroom.

Dear Lydia,
I decided to write to you because I feel I am in a desperate situation. My husband and I have been together for five years and are very happy and attracted to one another. Over the past six months we have hit kind of a dry spell. And it seems like every time we try to make love, my husband cannot keep an erection. I know it has to be embarrassing for him and he feels terrible, but it makes me feel like it is my fault or I have done something wrong to make me seem less attractive to him. We have never had this issue before so it is very hard for me to understand. Any advice and confidence boosters would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Julie, this is a very common problem a lot of couples face constantly. Do not automatically think that it is because of you or something that you have done or are doing. There are many causes of sexual dysfunction in men. Sometimes it is a simple psychological issue like stress at work or concern about sexual performance. Have you talked to your husband about it being a mental thing? This may be something you want to bring up. Now that it has happened more than once, he may be psyching himself out and now he is afraid of performing.

Does your husband have any current health issues such as diabetes or heart problems? Has he started any medication recently that might be impacting his sexual performance? Some antidepressants have been known to cause lack of sexual function and desire.

The most important thing to remember is that it is not your fault. Communicate your feelings with your husband and I am sure he will understand and be supportive. If you believe there might be some medical issues, please make an appointment right away. I hope this eases your mind and I wish you both the best.